Amnesty Scheme for Domestic Consumers 2022- J&K

Amnesty Scheme for Domestic Consumers 2022- J&K

Sanction is hereby accorded to waiver-off the 100% Interest/Surcharge on outstanding electricity bills in favour of DomesticDomestic Consumers accumulated upto 31st March, 2022 subject to the following terms and conditions;

1. That the outstanding principal amount arrears accumulated upto 31.03.2022 after waving off 100% interest/surcharge in favour of Domestic Consumers shall be paid in a maximum of twelve monthly (12) instalments starting from the date of issue of this Govt. order.

2. The DISCOMS shall evaluate/segregate the due Principal amount andinterest/surcharge to be waived off in a printed form on the bills of

Domestic consumers availing the Amnesty, before its delivery.

3. The failure of payment of any instalment/instalments within the prescribed twelve (12) months period shall invite penalty and legal action under Electricity Act-2003 in addition to the accrual of compound interest on the outstanding dues.

4. The benefits of scheme shall be availed by way of paying of instalments in

prescribed period of twelve (12) months as mentioned above after segregation of the outstanding dues from the currents bills. The current bills shall be paid separately and regularly without any fail. 5. The consumers who fail to pay the current bill simultaneously with the

payment of monthly outstanding installments shall forfeit the benefits of

the Amnesty scheme besides disconnection of power supply.

6. The eligible consumers who fail to avail the Amnesty Scheme and do not pay the outstanding dues shall invite penalty and legal action besides disconnection of power supply.

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