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Driving Licence Rule Changed: Now You Can Get Driving Licence By  Easy Steps – Check Here



Driving Licence Rule Changed: Now You Can Get Driving Licence By  Easy Steps – Check Here


Driving licence is one of those essential
which are needed for driving two-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles besides many other things. In such a situation, if your dll is lost, then remove the duplicate dll immediately.


Driving Licence Rule: There is news of work related to Driving License New Rules. If you have lost your driving license then you do not have to worry. Now you do not even need to make rounds of the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Now you can easily get a second i.e. duplicate driving license sitting at home.



Driving license is mandatory
Actually, in many places, from taking advantage of the schemes, driving license is also required as an ID proof.



In such a situation, if your original driving license is lost or torn for some reason, then taking the vehicle on the road can be harmful for you. In such a situation, you can get both online and offline by following some easy steps.



If your driving license is lost, then first of all its FIR has to be registered in the police station. If your driving license has become old which is not clear or has been torn, then you will have to submit the original for duplicate. After this, to apply for duplicate driving license online, first you have to visit the website of the State Transport Department.


Follow these easy steps
Follow these steps for offline



After this process, as soon as your paperwork is completed after the online process of duplicate driving license, you will also get a receipt during that time. Take care of it because you will need it when the duplicate DL arrives. Or if there is a delay in the arrival of duplicate DL, then you can get your DL detected from that receipt.


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