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E-Shram Card: Good News! Now Workers Will Also Get 3000 Rupees Pension Every Month, Big Decision From Central Government.



E-Shram Card: Good News! Now Workers Will Also Get 3000 Rupees Pension Every Month, Big Decision From Central Government.

The Central Government has launched the e-Shramik Portal for the workers of the unorganized sector. Through this e-shram portal, the central government will collect the records of every laborer in the country.

Construction workers, migrant workers, street vendors and domestic workers can register themselves on this portal. A 12-digit Universal Account Number and E-Shram Card will be issued for about 38 crore laborers in the unorganized sector, which will be valid across the country.

With this initiative of the government, crores of unorganized workers of the country will get a new identity. After registering on this e-shram portal, workers will not need to register again and again to take advantage of the social security scheme of the Government of India.

There are three methods of registration. If you also want to make e-shram card, then you can apply by visiting the official website All workers can take benefit of e Shram Pension Scheme.

If an employee registers on the e Shram portal, he will get the benefit of accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh. In this, one year premium will be given by the government. If a registered employee is a victim of an accident, he will be entitled to Rs 2 lakh in the event of his death or total disability. At the same time, one lakh rupees will be given under the insurance scheme for the partially disabled. However, there are many benefits of the E Shram Card scheme which will directly go to the workers of the unorganized sector.

Who can apply.
The Union Ministry of Labor and Employment will issue a 12-digit e-Shram Card Universal Account Number for about 38 crore workers in the unorganized sector.

This move will not only facilitate the portability of welfare schemes, but also the workers will get the benefit of many beneficial schemes in times of crisis.

Let us inform that more than 38 crore unorganized workers from across the country can register on this e-shram portal. These include agricultural workers, migrant workers, gig workers, etc.

Helpline Number

The government has also provided an e-shram portal toll free number to help the workers, which include construction workers, migrant workers, street vendors and domestic workers, besides others.

He said that after the launch of the e-shram portal, the workers of the unorganized sector can register themselves from the same day. A national e-shram portal toll free number 14434 has also been started to help workers to register their e-shram cards.

Who will get e Shram Pension

E Shram Pension Scheme 2021 E Shram Portal has been started by the Central Government for the working class people. Under this, the data of all the workers will be sent to the central government.

And e-shram card will be made available to all working class people. So such people who come under the category of laborers given below. On applying under this E Shram Card, the workers are provided pension by the government after the age of 60 years. If the worker dies due to any reason. Therefore, pension is also given to his wife.

Only unorganized sector workers can apply for the Shram Pension Scheme by the government. Through the scheme, he can get the amount of pension in his account after 60 years at the stipulated time. Citizens from 18 years to 40 years will be able to apply for this E Shram Portal Pension Scheme.

To take advantage of the E Shram Card scheme, laborers will have to deposit an amount ranging from Rs 55 to Rs 200 every month according to their age.

If the workers registered on the e-shram portal are 18 years old then you have to deposit Rs 55 per month, if you are 40 years old then you will have to deposit Rs 200 per month till the age of 60 years. After which e Shram card holders will get pension.

This pension amount will be their old age support because no one takes care of anyone in old age, but through e Shram Pension Yojana workers will not have to bow down to anyone and neither will they need any support.

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