GMC Select List of Lecturer Gynae & Obsts Jammu/Srinagar) in Health Department

GMC Select List of Lecturer Gynae & Obsts Jammu/Srinagar) in Health Department


GMC Select List for the posts of Lecturer Gynae & Obsts Jammu/Srinagar) in Health & Medical Education Depar

Whereas, the Health & Medical Education Department, vide letter No. ME/GAZ-53/2020 dated 28.09.2020 and No. ME/GAZ-187/2014 dated: 11.08.2021, referred 13 posts of Lecturer in the discipline of Obits & Gynae in GMC Jammu and GMC-Srinagar, for selection of suitable candidates, as per the following breakup



Whereas, the J&K Public Service Commission, vide Notification No. 12

PSC (DR-P) of 2021 dated 14.12.2021, advertised the said posts for selection of


suitable candidates; and Whereas, the Commission received 111 applications (GMC-Jamia:70, CMC Srinagar 41), which were scrutinized and as eligible candidates [GMC Jammu:68, GMC: Srinagar:34] were called for interview. Out of 89, 13 candidates

applied both for GMC Jammu and GMC Srinagar; and, Whereas, the interview of the candidates was conducted from 13.07.2022

to 15.07.2022 with the assistance of experts; and, Whereas, the following (03) posts of GMC-Jamma remained unfilled due to non-availability of candidates.

Now, therefore, on the basis of the performance in the interview in pursuance of Rule 44 of the J&K Public Service Commission (Business & Procedure) Rules, 2021 as amended from time to time and other related parameters, the merit of the candidates who have appeared in the interview is enclosed as Annexure-“A” to this Notification.

Consequent upon the above, the provisional select list of the candidates against the available posts is given in Annexure-B to this Notification.


1. The Commission reserves the right to have certificates/documents of the candidates verified, if at any later stage found expedient to do so. The Selection of the candidates is purely provisional and is subject to the

outcome of writ petition(s) pending before any competent Court of law. 2. The select list is provisional and objection, if any, may be submitted to the Commission within five days for examination and disposal. No claim. whatsoever, shall be entertained after five days from the date of issuance of Notification.

Selection list for the post of Lecturer Gyne and Obsts in GMC Jammu and Srinagar


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