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Good News! You Will Get 51000 Rupees Pension Every Month After Retirement, Know The Rules And Eligibility



Good News! You Will Get 51000 Rupees Pension Every Month After Retirement, Know The Rules And Eligibility




If there is a return of 10 percent, then on
maturity it will be Rs 2.59 crore. That is,
when you retire, you will get a pension after retirement of about Rs 51,848 per month.



If you are employed and worried about
future pension after retirement, then there is
no need to take tension now. Because the
National Pension System (NPS Calculator) can
prove to be a best option for your post-


For this you have to invest just Rs
4,500 every month, then you will get a
pension of Rs 51,848 per month.


The same you will get 10 thousand rupees at the age of

30. If you invest, after 30 years, when you
will be 60 years old, then you will have a
lump sum amount of more than Rs 1 crore in
your hands. Any person from 18 years to 65
years can invest in this. Let us understand it
in easy language.

Actually, the National Pension System is a government scheme. Under this, if the average age of the investor is 21 years and he invests Rs 4,500 monthly, then from 21 years to 60 years


i.e. 39 years i.e. Rs 54000 will be invested. Under this, it will invest Rs 21.06 lakh in 39 years and if it gives a return of 10 percent, then it will be Rs 2.59 crore on maturity.


That is, when you retire, you will get a pension of about Rs 51,848 per month. This is shown as an
, this amount can be more or less.




According to media reports, if you are 30 years old and you invest 10 thousand rupees every month in NPS, then till retirement i.e.


on attaining 60 years of age, the lumpsum amount in your hands will be more than 1 crore rupees and up to 52 thousand rupees. Pension will be available every month.


In this, the annual return of 9 to 12 percent is given and on maturity, 40 percent has to be invested in an annuity scheme so that you can get regular pension, the return of annuity is also close to 6 percent. Figures and returns may vary according to age.


The more you invest in this, the more pension you will get and the sooner you do it, the same amount will increase.



Apart from this, there is no tax burden in this, because under section 80 CCD (1), 80 CCD (1B) and 80 CCD (2) of income tax on NPS, you can take additional exemption of Rs 50,000 apart from the tax i.e. Rs 1.50 lakh. .


That is, by investing in NPS, you can take advantage of a rebate of Rs 2 lakh. According to media reports, after retirement at an annual rate of 6% on 40 percent annuity in NPS, Rs 1.56 crore will be received together.


After this, Rs 1.04 crore will go into annuity, then at the annual rate, you will get a pension of Rs 51,848 every month.




To open an NPS account, go to or and click on New Registration.

After filling all the details, the mobile number will be verified with OTP. Enter bank account details. Choose your portfolio and fund. set name.


Canceled check will have to be given in the bank account in which the details are to be filled. Apart from this, photo and signature will also have to be uploaded. After making the payment, your Permanent Retirement Account (PRN) number will be generated. You will also get the payment receipt.



After making the investment, go to the ‘e-Sign/Print Registration Form’ page. Here you can register with PAN and Netbanking. It will do KYC (Know Your Customer).


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