ICC fines Shaheen Afridi for throwing ball at Afif in 2nd T20I



ICC fines Shaheen Afridi for throwing ball at Afif in 2nd T20I




The International Cricket Council (ICC) has fined national team fast bowler Shaheen Afridi 15 per cent of his match fee for violating the code of conduct.

According to the ICC, Shaheen Afridi was found guilty of violating Article 2.9 in the second T20 match against Bangladesh.

Shaheen Afridi fielded the ball during the match and threw it to the better Afif Hussain.

Shaheen apologized to the Bangladeshi batsman for hitting the ball

According to the ICC, with the fine, a demerit point has been added to Shaheen Afridi’s disciplinary profile.



It may be recalled that in the second T20 match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, Bangladeshi batsman Afif Hussain hit Shaheen on the second ball of the third over. Shortly after that, the next ball was stopped by Afif which went straight into Shaheen’s hands ۔

On this occasion Shaheen made an unnecessarily sharp throw which hit the ankle of Afif standing in front of the wicket which caused him to fall on the pitch.




Shaheen immediately apologized to the batsmen and approached him and encouraged him and encouraged him. On this occasion, a doctor was also called to the ground for immediate medical aid, after which Afif returned to the wicket to bat.

However, social media users took Shaheen by surprise and strongly criticized his behavior.

Later, after the match, Shaheen Afridi walked to Afif and apologized to him again and hugged him.