J&k Govt Orders Promotion of Higher Standard Pay Scale Scheme to Masters

J&k Govt Orders Promotion of Higher Standard Pay Scale Scheme to Masters

Sub: – Grant of In-Situ Promotion of Higher Standard Pay Scale Scheme to Masters.

Sanction is bendry accorded to the grant of Time Bound Promotion (In-Sino to Higher Standard of pay scales scheme in terms of SRO-14 of 1996 dated 13-01-1996, SRO-225 daed 04-07-1997 SRO-42 02-2011 in favor of 111 (One Hundred and Eleven only) teaching officials of Jammu Division, in the corresponding pay scale/pay band grade pay as shown against each in the annexure to this order. However, the monetary benefit on account of te-Situ Promotion to be regulated in terms of General Financial Rules-2017(Rule-289-296 The In-Situ promotion arrears of officials shall not be drawn till additional funds for the specific purpose are released by the Competent authority (except retired official) for which the concerned DDO’CEO’s shall figure out the provision and submit the requisition accordingly in consolidated

manner to the Directorate for adopted Budget 2822-23, Deviation if any shall warrant strict disciplinary action against DDO concerned The In-Situ Promotion to the higher standard pay scale in favor of the teaching Officials, whose detailed particulars are indicated in the Annexure ‘A’ is granted released subject to the fulfillment of the following


That the Chief Education Officer Drawing and disbursing officer concerned shall verify the particulars of cach official with reference to his/her original service seconds before allowing (n-Sin) promotion benefits and he’she shall be personally responsible for men of the particulars of the employees working under him/her. In case any variation is noticed in the paniculaes of any such officials, the benefit of the in-sit promotion shall not be released and the case shall be referral to this Dicodone for further orders clarification

2. That the incumbents have complexed required spell of ow18/27 years as the case may be satisfactorily and without any interption as defined in rule 40K) of SRO-14, Dand 15.01.1996. In case the employees availing the benefit shall give an undertaking to the effect that as and when he/she becomes due for functional promotion ho she will not refuse

That no higher standard pay-scale shall be gramed to the employee who is under spension on the date of eligibility or who is charge-sheeted under provision of MK classification contul and appeal rules or any other rules for the purpose That the present In Situ promotion shall not change affect the existing designation seniority duties of the 4.


That such period of leave without allowances, as had not been agreed to by the competent authority to be coumed for purpose of annual increment shall not be taken in account for reckoning of the purried of 18/27 years for Higher standard pay-scale as the case may be That the benefit of promotion shall not be given to such employee, who relinquishes promotion for any 6.reasons, what so ever That the work and conduct of the concerned eligible employee has remained satisfactory as per API’s together with the result for preceding three years

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