Jk Mission Youth releases subsidy worthy Rs. 22.52 crs under various Livelihood Generation Schemes


Mission Youth releases subsidy worthy Rs. 22.52 crs under various Livelihood Generation Schemes

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 24: In a remarkable stride towards nurturing sustainability, growth, and empowerment, Mission Youth has released subsidy component to the tune of Rs. 22.52 crores within diverse livelihood generation schemes to aspiring entrepreneurs of Jammu and Kashmir.

This visionary effort aims to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit and drive economic advancement, reaffirming the organization’s unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, energizing local economies, and elevating the socio-economic landscape of the region.

With a resolute commitment to driving holistic progress, Mission Youth has taken the pivotal step of disbursing funds to already sanctioned cases of 2814 in Mumkin, 801 cases in Spurring Entrepreneurship initiative and 295 cases of Tejaswini which will be finalised in every district, embarking on a journey towards a future defined by empowerment and innovation. This disbursement includes Spurring Entrepreneurship Initiatives worth Rs. 6.49 Crs, Mumkin worth Rs. 14.34 Crs and Tejaswini Rs. 1.69 Crs.

Mission Youth was established with the paramount goal of providing a comprehensive platform for executing a range of youth engagement and outreach initiatives, resulting in strategic empowerment, sustainability, and prioritization of youth’s interests. The dynamic initiative encompasses an array of livelihood generation schemes, including Mumkin, Tejaswini, Spurring Entrepreneurship Initiative, Rise Together, and more.

This substantial allocation underscores Mission Youth’s dedication to amplifying dreams and sparking innovation among the aspiring youth of Jammu & Kashmir. “This strategic initiative marks a pivotal juncture in our relentless pursuit of holistic development for the youth of our region,” expressed CEO of Mission Youth, Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary. “By infusing these funds across districts, we are sowing the seeds of empowerment and progress, facilitating economic independence and innovation”, he added.

Mission Youth’s innovative approach extends far beyond monetary support. By fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, providing platforms for engagement, and implementing sustainable strategies, Mission Youth strives to unlock the full potential of the youth and lead them towards a future brimming with possibilities