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Top Beauty Tips To Make You Feel Beautiful Inside Out

Patato Fash wash For dark Spots,Skin whitening,dark circles



Make a face wash made from potatoes to give you an attractive face at home because it controls dark circles around the eyes.

Potatoes act as a bleaching agent. And its use cleanses our skin naturally.


You must be applying potato juice on your face and skin.

Today we tell you how to prepare your face wash at home with the help of potatoes and remove dark circles, blemishes and freckles around the eyes and bleach the skin.



Peeled two small pieces of potato (pieces)
The crumbs of any soap
Lemon juice



In a saucepan, take three cups of water and put the chopped small pieces of potato in it and cook it well so that the potato becomes soft and mix lemon juice in it and cook for a while more.


Now grind any soap well, make a powder of it. Put this thief in a pot of potatoes. And let all these things cook together on the stove for twenty minutes.

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When the foam starts to thicken a lot, turn on the heat. But you must cook them for 20 minutes.

Now take them out of the pot and filter them. Cool the prepared solution and fill it in a bottle.

Whenever you have to wash your face, wash it with this face wash.
Make this process a part of your life so that you can benefit from its results.

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