Rahul Gandhi 54 birthday -Congress and INDIA bloc leaders salute Rahul Gandhi on his birthday

Rahul Gandhi 54 birthday -Congress and INDIA bloc leaders salute Rahul Gandhi on his birthday for standing up against hatred.
“Your unwavering dedication to the values articulated in the laws of India and your passionate sympathy for the millions of voices that are ignored are something which sets you apart,” stated Mallikarjun Kharge.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi is welcomed by party employees when he arrives at the AICC offices in New Delhi on June 19, 2024, for a birthday celebration. Image courtesy of PTI

Rahul Gandhi turned 54 on June 19 and received many birthday greetings. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said that what made Rahul Gandhi unique was his steadfast devotion to the principles outlined in the Constitution as well as his strong empathy for the millions of voices that remain unheard.quoting this news by the Hindu
Former Congress president and Rae Bareli MP Rahul Gandhi has directed all Congress employees to commemorate this anniversary with charitable activity and humanitarian endeavors rather than with lavish parties. Mr. Kharge wished Mr. Gandhi a happy birthday in a post on X.

“What makes you unique are your steadfast dedication to the principles outlined in the Indian Constitution and your profound empathy for the millions of voices that remain unheard,” Mr. Kharge remarked.

The principles of the Congress party—unity in diversity, peace, and compassion—are evident in everything you do as you carry out your duty to reveal the truth to those in positions of authority and wipe away their tears,” the speaker remarked. Mr. Kharge hoped Mr. Gandhi would have a long, healthy, and joyful life. M.K. Stalin, the leader of the DMK and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, also praised Mr. Gandhi on his birthday.

“Happy birthday, Rahul Gandhi, my darling brother! You will achieve great things because of your commitment to our nation’s citizens. On X, Mr. Stalin wished you “a year of continued progress and success.”

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party and a former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, wished Mr. Gandhi a happy birthday.

Congress national secretary and organization in-charge, K. C. Venugopal, wished our dear leader, Sh. Rahul Gandhi ji, a very happy birthday on behalf of crores of Indians. The indisputable leader of India’s underprivileged, disenfranchised, and backward population is Rahul ji. The epitome of a Nyay Yoddha, the protector of our Constitution, the voiceless, the tower of strength for the weak, and India’s greatest hope for a magnificent future!” On X, Mr. Venugopal stated.

“His charitable, dedicated and passionate dedication to serving the people is an example for us all and his sense of ethics guides us every step of the way,” he stated.

“He (Mr. Gandhi) has seen the most difficult of times, faced the worst abuses, faced attacks from all turns, but he has stood tall and never wavered from his values no matter the ridicule and insult he faces,” added Venugopal.

Today, we have a conscience-keeper and a leader in him who is dedicated to transforming our nation into the prosperous, progressive, and inclusive country of our dreams for the rest of our lives, Mr. Venugopal stated.

“I hope he has a lifetime of happiness and the fortitude to put up a good fight! Rahul ji specifically urged all Congress workers to commemorate this event by working for charity, helping others, and being ecologically conscious rather than by throwing large parties,” he stated.

Also wishing Mr. Gandhi a happy birthday, Telangana Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy stated that his persona is one of perseverance in the face of adversity.

His attitude is to support the less fortunate. Fighting is his attitude, and sacrifice is his birthright. Mr. Reddy stated, “He is a wise leader and the only one who can fulfill India’s dreams for the future.

The Congress wished “Happy birthday to a leader who taught us to ‘Choose Love'” in a post on X. When hate is directed at you, choose love. When compassion seems impossible, choose love. Choose love when things are difficult.Select love when empathy runs low.

“A leader who refused to give in to rage, hate, or tears. To restore our democracy, there was one leader who took the initiative. One leader who restored hope and brought light into the world. Rahul Gandhi ji, thank you for being who you are,” the party declared.

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