Surprise visit by Director Health Services Jammu at AH Chowki Choura

Surprise visit by Director Health Services Jammu at AH Chowki Choura

Subject:- Surprise visit at AH Chowki Choura.

Whereas, during surprise visit of the undersigned at AH Chowki-Choura today on 18.08.2022 at 10:40 AM, the following staff was found absent from duty:

1. Dr. Ritesh Khullar, BMO Chowki Choura

2. Dr. Bharti Sarngal, Consultant Ophthalmology 3. Dr. Ritu Bhagat, Consultant Pathology

4. Dr. Nitasha Suri, Consultant Gyanecologist 5. Dr. Saima Tabassum, Consultant ENT

6. Dr. Meenu Ji Tickoo, Dental Surgeon

7. Dr. Shivali, Medical Officer (RBSK).

8. Dr. Gurmet Kour, Medical Officer (RBSK).

9. Dr. Sumit Pal, Medical Officer (RBSK)

10. Ms. Sariskta Manhas, Senior Staff Nurse 11. Ms. Pinderjeet Kour, Jr. Staff Nurse.

12. Ms. Nidhi Nagpal, BAM 13. Mr. Royal Bakshi, BMEO

14. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, FMPHW 15. Ms. Seema Kumari, FMPHW

16. Ms. Rama Kumari ANM (RBSK)

17. Ms. Priya Devi ANM (RBSK) 18. Sh. Jawahar Singh, Nursing Orderly

19. Sh. Danish, Nursing Orderly 20. Sh. Sahin Sharma, Nursing Orderly

Keeping in view the poor Administration of Block Medical Officer Chowki Choura, Dr. Ritesh Khullar I/C BMO ChowkiChoura is hereby attached with CMO’s Office, Rajouri with immediate effect and work of Block Chowki Choura shall be looked after by Dr. Ajay Krishan Pandita, Medical Officer AH Chowki-Choura till such time suitable arrangement is made.

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