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The Amazing Benefits of Baking soda



The baking soda in our kitchen is available at a very small price but its benefits are countless. From dental cleaning it is used to repair the pimples, if it is applied on nails you will get it. This will have a great benefit. If you have fungus on your nails and you’re worried about it, apply a little baking soda on your nails and clean with a brush, you’ll see that nails will shine.

Let us inform you about other benefits of baking soda.

1 If you are tired after doing heavy exercise,
drinking a spoon of sodam in a glass of water will give you a lot of peace.

2 If you have itching or inflammation in your hands and feet, mix three large spoons of baking soda, a large spoon of salt, pepper mint oil in water and soak your hands and feet in it for 20 minutes. You see The itching, smell and inflammation will be gone.

3 If your breath smells, solve baking soda in water and soak it with this water.

4 Put baking soda on a brush to brush your teeth and rub it on your teeth, teeth will shine like pearls.

5 Mix baking soda in water for nail mahsas and make a paste and apply it on nail acne, your skin will be cleaned.

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