Transfer and Postings of Lectures under Online Transfer Portal 2023


Transfer and Postings of Lectures under Online Transfer Portal 2023.

Transfer(s) and posting(s) of Lecturers under Online Transfer Portal-2023.



i. Transfer Policy-2023, notified vide G.O. No. 103-JK (Edu) of 2023

dated 24.04.2023. ii. Notification No. 01-JK(Edu) of 2023 dated 26.04.2023.

Government Order No. 263-JK (Edu) of 2023

Dated: 30.08.2023

In the interest of administration and academics, transfer(s)/posting(s) of lecturers of History, forming Annexure-“A” to this order, is hereby ordered with immediate effect.


i. Sub para (iv), (vi) & (vii) of Para(c) of Notification No. 01- JK(Edu) of 2023 dated 26.04.2023 have been applied in such transfer(s)/posting(s), wherever applicable. ii. The DDO(s) concerned are directed to immediately forward the

LPCs alongwith Service Book of the transferee(s) to their new

place of posting(s)/DDO(s).

iii. No leave of any kind shall be granted to any officer who is

under order of transfer and failing to comply shall be treated as

absence from duties.

iv. The Department has retained such lecturers at their respective place of posting who have conveyed their willingness to continue in Zone-III, IV and V despite having mature stay as per Para A(c) of Notification No. 01-Jk(Edu) of 2023 dated 26.04.2023.

V. Orders once issued must be strictly complied with and any modification request under compelling circumstances/in exceptional cases shall be entertained by the department only after joining of the transferee(s) at their new place of posting(s).

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