Two Kashmir Girls Obtain Top Positions in JKBOSE 10th Results


Two Kashmir Girls Obtain Top Positions in JKBOSE 10th Results

Farhana Imtiyaz and Sadaf Mushtaq’s Outstanding Performance Highlights Girls’ Achievements


SRINAGAR: Kashmiri women have once more outperformed their male counterparts in academic achievement, which is an amazing achievement. In the most recent Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) 10th grade results announcement, it was found that girls had achieved the highest rankings, demonstrating their exceptional performance and dedication.

Leading the Way: Farhana Imtiyaz and Sadaf Mushtaq

Farhana Imtiyaz and Sadaf Mushtaq have distinguished themselves as the best achievers in the entire Jammu and Kashmir area. Both girls shared the coveted first place with an outstanding score of 498 out of 500. Their extraordinary achievements have drawn praise and awe from many quarters.

 Repetition Is the Secret to Success

A citizen of Bijbehara town named Farhana Imtiyaz stated her trust in the strength of consistency. She has routinely achieved top ranks throughout her academic career, giving her confidence in her talents. Farhana said, “The syllabus for class 10th is not extensive, and with consistent efforts and 4-5 hours of dedicated study, success becomes inevitable.”

Farhana is inspired by her late father, a kind-hearted physician who was well-known for giving the poor and underprivileged access to free medical care. She wants to become a doctor and work at the AIIMS in Delhi. Farhana expressed her thanks to her mother and credited her mother’s everlasting support for her accomplishment.

 Self-study and Willpower

Another extraordinary kid, Sadaf Mushtaq, earned the same astounding 498 marks in the 10th standard exams. Sadaf depended on independent study and the help of her school teachers to achieve academic success while not enrolling in any coaching programmes. She emphasised the value of constant revision and thought that success depended greatly on retention.

Sadaf overcame her early stress by finding comfort in her professors’ advice and her parents’ continuous support. She learned that the difficulties she faced were not as difficult as they had first appeared to be. Sadaf chose the non-medical route and intends to study engineering because he has a strong background in mathematics. IIT-Madras is her ideal college, and she has high aspirations of passing the JEE-Advance test in the future.

Outstanding Pass Rate and Gender Inequality

A total of 118,791 students out of the 148,701 enrolled passed the JKBOSE 10th standard exams, resulting in a remarkable overall pass percentage of 79%. It is disappointing to learn that 29,789 pupils failed to achieve the requirements for passing.

Boys made up 77,422 of the registered pupils, with a pass rate of 78.23%. The girls, however, outperformed their male counterparts with a remarkable pass percentage of 81.68%, displaying their superior academic ability and tenacity.



A Promising Future for Kashmiri Women

The extraordinary performances of Kashmiri girls as a whole, together with Farhana Imtiyaz and Sadaf Mushtaq’s outstanding accomplishments, highlight the region’s skill and potential. These young people are motivating future generations to pursue brilliance while also setting new academic standards.

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